Shushan Soni’s Point of view on 2014 SEO

Gone are the days when SEO was totally depends on Link building. One can say, a website which has more number of links will certainly ranks up on all search engines, no matter what kind of those links are. Later the trend has got change a little bit and Google’s prior emphasis was on content and content marketing. The professionals started having a quality content on their website rather than only quantity content. Afterwards, in the year of 2012 Penguin update has appeared which affected a further 3.1% of all English language search queries. It even highlighted the ongoing volatility of search rankings. At this point of time again the level of content has got changed and improved a little bit. Afterwards in the year 2013 the seo practices getting more importance through social medium or platform. Therefore the professionals start focusing on their social seo practice which includes SMM and SMO. Throughout the year the social seo practice were on high peak and with the closing of this year the importance is on higher note. Now when 2014 is around the corner, let’s hope for the

Shushan Soni

best and wait to see the great impact of social seo on business.

Social Media: In the year 2013 Facebook is used as one of the best mediums of social media to promote the product and services but in the year end it has observed that Twitter is becoming more effective than FB. Therefore chances are there that Twitter can overrule FB. Secondly, Google+ is another way to get good business through SMM.

Guest Posting: Guest posting will even increase by huge numbers to attain quality traffic and build online influence. This even develops your portfolio, credibility and authority on web.

Pinterest: According to a latest survey Piqora shows, the posts on Pinterest generate higher engagement rates rather than Twitter and Facebook. Therefore Pinterest will be the best platform to generate more traffic and increase sales.